About this newsletter

Sidehilling is a monthly newsletter that merges two essays—one in pictures and another in words—into one. The degree and manner of this merging will be an ongoing experiment.

What you can expect is to always engage with some visuals and some text, and for each month’s hybrid essay to be both a truthful and personal account of an experience I’ve had.

About me

I pay the bills by fighting wildfires in the western US as a member of a federal, interagency hotshot crew. I also write nonfiction and make documentary photographs, and will run just about any experiment that takes me somewhere new in mind, body, and spirit. Preferably all three at once.

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Monthly observations from a wandering writer/photographer.


Wildland firefighter, writer, and documentary photographer. MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Oregon State University. Current member of the Baker River Hotshots.